"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt


Submit to the cause @ Fearless Ambition Magazine

How Bloggers (”Bloggers”) will contribute their blog posts (”Articles”) to Fearless Ambition Magazine:

  1. FAM will accept Articles from Bloggers passionate about success in these areas:
  • Success – (self-help, business, leadership…EFFECTIVE is the key!)
  • Education (in the form of our children & ourselves for a better future for all.)
  • Investments (paper or real estate)
  • Money Management (budgeting, saving, banking)
  • Giving Back (any story that shares the spirit of the “rule of reciprocity.”)
  • Entrepreneurship (advice and /or share your story & feature your business)
  • Career (advice about hiring, interviewing, job search, stats)
  • Kids ( entrepreneurial stories, ideas, parenting advice, 21st Century learning)
  • Health  (prevention, weight loss advice, exercise)
  • Social Media (marketing, online businesses, how to make money..)
  • Real Estate (foreclosure advice, mortgage, insurance)
  1. FAM will accept only authors who are active Bloggers and active Twitter users only
  2. Bloggers can submit their articles directly by emailing them to us .
  3. The Article should be of 1-2 A4 pages short (12 font size, 1.5 spaced).
  4. FAM Editorial team will choose the Articles for each issue of FAM at their sole discretion.
  5. FAM Editorial team reserves the right to alter and edit the Article prior to publication.
  6. Bloggers whose Articles will be published in the magazine will submit their short bio and a photo that will appear below their Article together with a clickable link to the Blogger’s blog.
  7. Bloggers will not be paid, we won’t charge them for your inclusion either!
  8. Reciprocity:  Bloggers will blog and tweet about the issue of the FAM where their article was published.

10.  Bloggers will continue writing great articles on their blog and are OK if the FAM team chooses one of their future articles for inclusion in the future issues of the PM.

Each Blogger who submits an Article to the Fearless Ambition Magazine team confirms he or she accepts these terms and is HAPPY to participate.

Fearless Ambition Magazine gives each Blogger a great opportunity for their message to be heard and read by thousands of readers. Inclusion of Blogger’s article in FAM can bring HUGE traffic to the Blogger’s blog. Blogger’s blog will appear also in the FAM’s Blogroll.

Thanks for submitting and believing in the Fearless Ambition revolution!

Go be fearless!

Crystal O’Connor

Editor and Chief