"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Tweet For small businesses, loans are plentiful as long as they’re plastic-backed By Paul Smalera From CNN Money FORTUNE — On Monday Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke took up the growing issue of lack of lending to small businesses by banks, and the havoc it’s causing in the economy. Lending to small businesses contracted by […]

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Women’s World Banking Brings Credit To The Third World

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Tweet Women’s World Banking Brings Credit To The Third World From Forbes.com Mary Ellen Iskenderian remembers the moment when she discovered her purpose in life. As a child, her parents often took her to visit her father’s family in Turkey where she saw, for the first time, people living in utter poverty. She remembers thinking, […]

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Teach Your Teen Paycheck Savvy

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Tweet Teach Your Teen Paycheck Savvy By Linda Stern From CNN Money Magazine Congrats! Your kid landed a summer job in this tight, tight economy. Now, of course, he’ll have that $7.25 an hour burning a hole in his pocket. That’s where you step in: “Parents have a real opportunity to help teens learn to […]

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Feature: Banking advice for college students

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Tweet Bankers can be Choosers: What college students need to know about choosing a bank By Kate Foley Money can be quite an intimidating prospect when a college student first fledges from the safety of mom and dad’s wallet. Food, gas and credit card bills must now come before the late-night pizza deliveries and weekend […]

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