"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Teach Your Teen Paycheck Savvy

July 7, 2010 by  
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Tweet Teach Your Teen Paycheck Savvy By Linda Stern From CNN Money Magazine Congrats! Your kid landed a summer job in this tight, tight economy. Now, of course, he’ll have that $7.25 an hour burning a hole in his pocket. That’s where you step in: “Parents have a real opportunity to help teens learn to […]

Money Savvy Pig can teach us Adults a few Tricks

December 10, 2009 by  
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Tweet Susan Beacham, founder of Money Savvy Generation,  writes books, curriculum and tools for children.  It  helps Parents and Grandparents teach them how to understand money.  She mentions money management as a critical life skill.  Wow, what a concept!  Remember,  our children may not always do what we say but they see what we do!

For All of You Budgeting Mama’s!

December 9, 2009 by  
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Tweet Appropriate is the word for this website and video.  Check out this great way of keeping track of your expenses and budgeting your way to a new financially responsible future. Less stress, more control and a whole lot more HAPPY!   This chicks website is www.budgetmama.com.

The Secret to Budgeting

December 9, 2009 by  
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Tweet What is the secret to successful budgeting?  Well, it’s setting a goal first of all!  It keeps you focused and helps you keep track of everything you spend.  The most important thing about having a successful budgeting system is to be flexible though.  Stacy Johnson with Moneytalksnews.com explains the importance and simplicity of the […]

How are Millionaires Made? by Joann Seymour Kuster

Tweet Joann Seymour Kuster Author, Financial Educator Much of a young person’s paycheck withers away, because most haven’t learned to pay themselves first. Saving and investing is not a habit yet. But it can become one. Learn to pay yourself as much as you can –invest and grow a nest egg for later. You don’t […]