"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Understanding the Financial Crisis for Kids and Grownups

Tweet   It is so easy to forget what really happened to cause the financial Crisis situation we are living in today.  Sometimes a good reminder as well as a ‘visual’ helps…especially with regard to explanation we give our  kids.  Leaving our kids unaware of the facts is NOT using it all as a powerful […]

Feature: Susan Beacham follows her dreams with financial education for kids

Tweet We’re all familiar with the traditional piggy bank. The cute curly tail, smiling piggy face, and slot on its back for depositing cash. It teaches kids to save their money at an early age, produces a hearty jingle from the coins when shaken, and offers a certain satisfaction when the time comes to break […]

Investors Still Stash $ for Retirement

Tweet Investors Still Stash $ for Retirement By Joanne Kuster Even the stock market’s wild gyrations in 2008 didn’t deter investors from funding retirement accounts. According to a report on trends from Principal Financial Group Inc., 19.2% of investors participating in retirement programs increased 2008 contributions while 16.5% stopped or decreased contributions. The report looked at […]

Turn a Spender into an Investor

Tweet By: Joann Kuster Seymour Author, Financial Educator Spending—rather than saving money—is a habit, especially for teens. According to surveys by Teenage Research Unlimited, the average teen has more than $104 a week to spend—five times more than their parents had. Yet, today’s teens are less savvy about money, and most haven’t learned what to […]

How are Millionaires Made? by Joann Seymour Kuster

Tweet Joann Seymour Kuster Author, Financial Educator Much of a young person’s paycheck withers away, because most haven’t learned to pay themselves first. Saving and investing is not a habit yet. But it can become one. Learn to pay yourself as much as you can –invest and grow a nest egg for later. You don’t […]

Why Teach Kids to Invest in the Stock Market?

Tweet By: Joanne Seymour Kuster Dynaminds Publishing Teens—like most of us—practice spending well. Having “stuff” is cool. Sadly, national surveys show that few teens know what to do with a dollar if it’s NOT spent. So, will these youth be financial failures? Statistics do paint a bleak picture: • College students average $2,169 in monthly […]

Who Will Teach Children About Money and Business?

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Tweet Who Will Teach Children About Money and Business? By Joann Kuster Seymour Today’s children are well-aware that our country faces financial distress. They hear people talk about layoffs and closing businesses. They see parents worry about bills, dwindling savings and investments. Some probably have parents who have lost jobs. Good times will return. But […]

Kids Need Direction (For Our Own Good)

Tweet Kids need direction to grow up well.  Employees need direction to grow their company in the right direction.  Your family, your investments, your dreams and your happiness all grow and without proper guidance they won’t grow in the way we’d like. Whether we want to believe it or not fiscal growth and prosperity is […]