"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Unleash Your Inner Guerrilla Marketer

Tweet Unleash Your Inner Guerrilla Marketer Social media is the ultimate energy vs. money marketing tool–put it to work for your business. By Barbara Findlay Schenck From Entrepreneur.com Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term “guerrilla marketing” in the 1980s, defining it as an approach for “achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional […]

Companies Using Social Media Without Game Plan

Tweet Companies Using Social Media Without Game Plan From MarketingProfs.com Despite widespread adoption of social media marketing, most companies are still learning how to integrate those efforts into their overall corporate strategies: 78% of surveyed companies say they actively use social media, but just 41% say those efforts are part of a strategic game plan, according to a […]

MoneyWatch.com: Saving money through social media networking

Tweet Facebook and Beyond: Social Networks for Saving Money By Farnoosh Torabi From MoneyWatch.com. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn: Take your pick; social networking has become America’s new favorite pastime. These platforms help us find new jobs and long-lost high school loves, spy on our neighbors, post pictures, and fan Betty White. But did you know social networking […]

From Newspaper Girl’s Blog: How @GuyKawasaki Tweets

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Tweet Janet Meiners Thaeler, a.k.a. “Newspaper Girl: the Lois Lane of the world wide web” writes about Guy Kawasaki’s speech at the Cisco/Ragan Social Media Summit last week: Here are 10 things Guy Kawasaki Taught Me About Twitter Guy Ignores the Twitter police The Twitter police don’t like how Guy tweets. How @GuyKawasaki tweets is how […]

5 Ways to attract a following on Twitter

Tweet Over the past year I have essentially submerged myself in online activity and absorbed as much as I can. Social media, ezine marketing, widgets, blogs, video marketing, podcasts, ebooks! While Twittering one night I realized never before had I spent so much time learning something that was so much fun. After literally hours spent […]

The Three C’s of building a Successful Business Blog

Tweet Mike Sansone of Converstations.com describes the key to a successful business blog.  He breaks it down into three steps or the three ‘C’s’: Conversation Community Commerce I find his philosophy valid and  his advice essential to anyone that is attempting to build a loyal client base.  Blogging may not be the fastest way to […]

Bored with 21st Century Skills? Get over It

Tweet By: Mike Sansone Blogs and Social Media as Conversation Stations I hear a lot of business people, teachers, educators — and some edubloggers — who are already tired of the term “21st Century Skills.”  Get over it!  The term is going to be around for a long, long time. The definition? Possibly ever-evolving. I […]

Internet Law: What’s in a Name?

Tweet Internet Law What’s in a Name? by Brett Trout in Internet Law September 13, 2009 Image via Wikipedia What is Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset? If you said something other than your company’s name, you are doing it wrong. Your company’s name, or trademark, is your interface with your customers.  It is how you […]

Facebook adds “Get More Fans with SMS” Feature

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Tweet Facebook adds “Get more Fans with SMS” feature by Nathan T. Wright in Web Strategy September 2, 2009 I was poking around Facebook’s Fan Page features the other day and came across something new that they just released. You’ll find it on the left-hand navigation of any Facebook Page that you administer, labeled Get […]

Drowning in Social Media?

Tweet By Angela Maiers Maiers Educational Services Drowning in Social Media? – Just Breathe! Tweets, wikis, blogs, Nings, links, networks, ahhhh! I sometimes feel like I could drown in social media! This was the topic of our discussion on a recent turn of Steve Hardagon’s Classroom 2.0 Live Show. Inspired by Merlin Man’s Inbox Zero, […]

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